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Thirty Years of Audio Recording
Peter Friedlander: Wednesday, 30 August 2006

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Minidiscs: Sony MZRH1 Minidisc Hi-MD/MP3 Player
I am hoping to shift to using a new recorder, introduced in May 2006, which has the capability to download old MD digital recordings onto a computer. Sony MZRH1 Minidisc Hi-MD
Sony MZRH1 Minidisc Hi-MD/MP3 Player

It seems that now with what will probably be the final generation of Minidisc recorders the issues with Digital Rights Management will be laid to rest and it will be possible to get all the recordings I have made onto Minidiscs onto a computer.

Effectively the Minidisc in dead now, hard disc, and flash memory players, iPods etc. have killed the Minidisc. This is perhaps a pity, as the sound quality on Minidiscs is actually much better than on an MP3 recorder. Effectively the sound quality on Sony's original Minidiscs and on CDs was identical. But just as happened in the video cassette war between Betamax and VHS, the better quality format lost out to the more convenient format.

But I think that despite the Minidisc being dead as a medium for storing portable music it still has a role to play as a recording medium. It is interesting that in the USA it is being marketed as a "Field Recorder" which is clearly a role which it could fit well, like an updated version of the WM-D6C perhaps.

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